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Initial Contact

Prospective clients are asked to utilize our Quote Request Form located under the Contact Us tab above. Here, you are asked to provide us with as many details as possible regarding your project, hopes, and dreams. If you have pictures then please reference our email addresses and send those over directly to us with your name and contact information attached so that we know where to file the additional information. We are often busy in the field or with other clients, so phone calls directly to us may not receive the attention that they deserve, or are missed all together, so we do respectfully steer all of our inquiries to the website to book an appointment.


You will be contacted within 24 hours of submitting your quote request from a member of our team to set up an in-person consultation in you home or at your project site.  The team member may ask a few qualifying questions at this time to make sure that your request is clearly understood and appropriate preparations are made for your in-person meeting.  Larger projects will sometimes earn the attention of at least two of our team members to ensure that we don’t miss any critical details during our visit.

In-Home Project Consultation

We come prepared.  During your in-person visit, a member of our team will reference prepared documents and details of your home and will gather every detail possible of the space you want remodeled, along with your vision for that space.  Referencing our check-list, we will comb through every detail of your specific space, take measurements, and ensure that our proposal is as accurate as possible.  It is our priority to deliver quotes that will not increase later on, and that reflect every requirement and all materials needed to complete your project.  Expect this appointment to take approximately 1 hour depending on the scope of the project.


Within 72 hours of your In-Home visit, but often much sooner than that, we will deliver a formal proposal.  It is during this time that we take every opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to help earn your business.  Once we agree, all you need to do is click – APPROVE!  Our Terms & Conditions link on your quote will provide information on how we collect draw payments and on what schedule that we collect these payments.

Design Consultation

During this appointment, we will spend the time required to get exact measurements for every aspect of the project, discuss how you will utilize the space to maximize things like cabinet functionality, sink placement, flooring layout, tile size preferences, and much more. Our goal concluding this appointment is to leave you with a clear understanding of exactly what you will need to purchase for the project and to provide a clear plan-of-action, measurements, and drawings for our Project Manager to draft a jobsite plan.

It's Time to Shop!

We have come to an agreement!  Now it is time to go shopping!  We will provide all required coverage dimensions that we have available so that you can begin gathering your finished goods.

Download Finished Goods Info (PDF)


A member of our team will schedule a follow-up meeting to review the approved quote with you one last time. During this appointment, we will revisit the overall design of the space, confirm important details, inspect the finished goods that you have gathered, prepare for the placement of construction materials, account for permitting documentation if required, and prepare you for what to expect throughout the construction process.

Time to Get to Work

It is company policy that our team never leaves a jobsite in an unsafe condition while unattended.  This means that floor & wall coverings are always used, tools are gathered and stored safely, and materials are stacked nearly.  We are also sticklers about communication.  A FOM (Field Operations Manager) is assigned to your project and will communicate each step of the project with you, any discoveries during construction that need your attention, and of course answer any questions along the way.  Our FOM is provided a planning folder with all of the needed details of your project so that production can proceed as quickly as quality construction can handle.

Final Walk-Thru

Once construction has concluded and your home is handed back over to you in better condition than we found it, we will perform a post construction review.  It is during this time that you are asked to provide your honest feedback (link to testimonials on Google or FB).  We will ensure that everything is functioning properly, that we did not miss any dings or dents, and that you are COMPLETELY SATISIFIED. 

One Year Warranty

Unless otherwise discussed, CHS will stand by our work for one year beyond project completion.  Our warranty policy can be reviewed in more detail in our Terms & Conditions.